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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How far is Casa Serena from the nearest international airport?

    Costa Rica has two international airports: San José International Airport “Juan Santamaría” and Liberia International Airport “Daniel Oduber.” Visitors wishing to visit San José, the Arenal Volcano and Puntarenas, should fly into San José while those wanting to travel to Casa Serena and the Guanacaste region for the beaches, should try to fly into Liberia. There are small airports located around the country that you can fly into from San José and Liberia, such as Tamarindo Airport, located 30 minutes from Casa Serena. These are very convenient airports if you prefer to fly rather than drive on busy Costa Rican roads.

    When is the best time to visit Playa Grande?

    Costa Rica has two seasons: winter and summer. The winter months, June to October, are known for having brief but intense rain showers that normally occur during the late afternoon. The summer months (November to May) are very dry and can have some very hot days. The temperature is very similar throughout the whole year in Costa Rica and doesn’t fluctuate much.

    How far is the beach from Casa Serena?

    Literally 30 steps from the house. The private land on which Casa Serena is set, has direct and private access to Playa Grande beach.

    How many people can Casa Serena sleep?

    There are 5 bedrooms in Casa Serena. The main suite has a king bed that sleeps 2 guests and the rest of the bedrooms all have two queen beds that can sleep up to four guests in each room, meaning a maximum total of 18 guests can sleep in the villa at any one time.

    Can a private chef be provided to cook for guests?

    Isolda is also our inhouse cook. She charges $60 per meal (up to 18 guests) Guests provide the food. These prices do not include cleaning the dishes for guests as that could mean that Isolda has to wait for many hours until guests finish eating. The cost of washing the dishes and the kitchen after a prepared meal is an extra $30. Guests pay her directly and meals can be organized on a same day basis as she works full time for Casa Serena.

    How often will the maintenance staff come by the house while guests are there?

    Sergio, our in-house maintenance man, will come early every morning to attend to the swimming pool, so when guests wake up they find it clean and ready. Sergio will also be cleaning around the property during the day, without interfering with guests.

    When does the sun rise and set usually in Casa Serena?

    The sun normally rises between 4.30-5.00am every morning and sets between 5.00-5.45pm at Casa Serena.

    How often does the cleaner come while guests are at the house?

    Isolda, our in-house cleaner, will visit Casa Serena every day to sweep and dust around the house. She will not do an in depth clean nor will she make beds or change linen and towels. Guest renting for over one week will receive a more thorough clean after the first week of arriving, where the bed linen will be changed and new towels will be provided.

    Does Casa Serena offer laundry services?

    There is no washing machine at the property but we offer our guests a same day professional laundry service. Prices vary on the ammount of items.

    Can you see wild animals in Casa Serena?

    There are many animals that roam around the property, but none are at all dangerous. Every morning and late afternoon, there is a group of 8-12 monkeys that cross the property. You can watch them eat and swing from the trees. Quite an experience! Guests will also see many different kind of iguanas, lizards and gekkos, which are very colourful and fun to watch. Exotic birds are very often seen flying around the huge coconut palm trees at Casa Serena. Although there are snakes in Costa Rica, guests will not see them in Casa Serena as they do not roam around the property.

    Where can guests find the nearest supermarket?

    The nearest supermarket is Wilmarts, which is a 2-minute drive or 10-minute walk from Casa Serena. There, guests will find the basic necessities. Larger supermarkets are found in the town of Huacas, which is a 15-minute drive from Casa Serena, or Tamarindo, which is a 30-minute drive away.

    Are there any restaurants near Casa Serena?

    There are very good restaurants near Casa Serena. Please refer to our Restaurant Guide .

    Where are the nearest medical facilities?

    Playa Grande has a very professional clinic located 10-minutes drive from the house. Guests will also find doctors and clinics in Huacas and Tamarindo.

    Are linen & towels provided?

    Yes we provide all linen and towels.  Beds are fully made and we provide one shower towel, one hand towel and one face towel per guest per week.  If you need extra towels during your stay then we will gladly provide you with new ones, but because we have serious draught problems in the area, we would really appreciate if you could help us with the environment.

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