Playa Grande


This fantastic beach, on which Casa Serena is proudly set, is located within Las Baulas National Park. This is where the famous Baula Turtle comes to lay its eggs, meaning guests have to be very respectful and cautious as some parts of the beach might contain delicate turtle eggs that are waiting to hatch. The beach cannot be accessed between 6pm and 6am from October through March, given that during that period, the turtles return to Playa Grande to lay their eggs.

It is a very popular surf spot for advanced and beginners and different parts of the ocean have different kinds of breaks that are suitable for everyone.

A Playa Grande sunset is a very special and truly magnificent experience that must be lived and is very much recommended!

Playa Grande consists of miles and miles of beautiful white sand where you can enjoy peaceful walks within a natural paradise. The water is crystalline and warm throughout the year and the spectacular tides are something to be seen.

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