• Máximo Alvarez-Garmón

    Máximo Alvarez-Garmón

    Senior Manager

    Máximo is the Senior Manager at Casa Serena. Based in Marbella (Spain), he manages the rentals and oversees the property’s staff. A keen golfer, Máximo regularly travels to Playa Grande, to play the fantastic courses near the house. He is very meticulous and always makes sure that things are perfect for the guests of Casa Serena. Máximo holds daily meetings with his staff at the property via Skype & Whatsapp, to make sure that everything at the property is organized.

    He speaks fluent English and Spanish and can get by quite well in French too.

    Máximo is available to answer any queries you might have, taking into consideration the 7-hour time difference between Costa Rica and Spain.

  • Mark Ward

    Mark Ward

    Onsite Manager

    Mark is our very trustworthy Onsite Manager. The owners of Casa Serena have had a close friendship with him for over 25 years and he will make sure that all guests enjoy a relaxed and memorable holiday at the house.

    Mark was born in England and has lived in the US for over 30 years. Since his early retirement some years ago, he decided to move to Costa Rica to take care of Casa Serena on behalf of the proprietors. He is doing a fantastic job and really enjoys his life in Costa Rica.

    The best way to describe Mark is to say that he is very friendly, extremely helpful and a happy person to be around. Guests simply love him!

    Mark lives very close to Casa Serena so responds very quickly to any queries or doubts guests might have during their vacation.

  • Isolda


    House Keeping

    Isolda is married to Sergio and is in charge of all the cleaning. She will come in with Sergio every morning and sweep the outside common areas such as living room, BBQ area, kitchen etc… She does not go inside the bedrooms at all. She is there for around 1 hour every day and then leaves.

    Isolda is also our inhouse cook. She charges $60 per meal (up to 18 guests) Guests provide the food. These prices do not include cleaning the dishes for guests as that could mean that Isolda has to wait for many hours until guests finish eating. The cost of washing the dishes and the kitchen after a prepared meal is an extra $30. Guests pay her directly and meals can be organized on a same day basis as she works full time for Casa Serena.

  • Sergio



    Sergio is in charge of maintenance at Casa Serena. He will clean the pool every morning and will make sure that the property is swept and left tidy before our guests wake up. He is a very friendly gentleman and will do anything he can in order to help.

    You will frequently find Sergio cleaning the plot of land around Casa Serena making sure our clients enjoy the best views through the mature trees.

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